Part of being the church is being involved with other churches and people that are spreading the gospel. Below are a few of the organizations we're apart of and people we support and pray for. Click their picture for more information about each.

  • Acts29

    a global, church planting network

    A global, church planting network

  • the patersons

    Mike and Amber have been part of our Gateway family from the beginning. They are serving military missionaries through the organization, Cadence International. They are currently residing in Colorado.


    Jarrod and Katcha are a beloved part of the Gateway family, and are currently living in the Czech Republic, sharing God's love to the locals.

  • the poppinos

    Gene and Anne Poppino attend Gateway and serve with Cadence on the Pastoral Care team.

  • cbnorthwest

    A group of Christ-Following churches in the greater Northwest area